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Minimizing tech debt and obsolescence.
Maximizing agility and scalability.

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Our contribution and work

Opensource Initiatives

We create and maintain opensource projects to benefit others the same way it has benefited us.

Mentoring And Knowledge

Preparing future generations to takeover our legacy and sharing our lessons and experiences with others.

Front End Web Development

Develop Front End using latest standards with HTML5/CSS3 with added funtionality using JavaScript and Vue.js.

Back End Web Development

Develop Back End application/service using Node.js or Python and SQL server or Mongo DB databases.


Making things realistically possible

Martin Llaneza
Martin Llaneza

Thought Leadership

Picking up and assessing new concepts

Aaron Gong
Aaron Gong


Hopefully making useful things

Arjay Elbore
Arjay Elbore


Imparting wisdom to the next generation


Sharing opensource contributions and welcoming feedback master website
This is the ES-Labs website repository and aims to provide itself as a useful reference for building a profile page.

cookbook v0.6.2

A cookbook with evergreen recipes and templates to develop applications faster.

favv master

FastAPI + Python backend and Vite + VueJS + Ant Design frontend template.


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